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For 15 years, the USCRI North Carolina Field Office (USCRI-NC) has welcomed those fleeing violence and persecution. Our dedicated staff, countless volunteers and community champions have provided hundreds of refugees an opportunity for a safe and secure future. To celebrate 15 Years of Welcome, USCRI NC is hosting a party on October 22 at Marbles Museum and launched a major fundraising campaign to ensure we have the resources for the next 15 years. Be a part of the Welcome! Purchasing a ticket or donating to the USCRI NC 15 Years of Welcome are fast and easy ways to make a real difference in the lives of others.

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There are a number of ways to volunteer, either locally or through a fundraiser or campaign. Find a local field office near you or check out our ongoing fundraisers and sponsorships to see how you can help. We also participate in corporate sponsorships.

For inquiries about volunteering at USCRI North Carolina, email us at: . Please, include an area of interest from the list below:

  • Mentorship
  • Legal
  • Transportation
  • Teaching
  • Administration
  • Youth
  • Technical needs and/or
  • Home set-up.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events