Refugee Wellness Initiative

The Texas Refugee Wellness Initiative aims to create a comprehensive approach to improve refugee mental health across the state of Texas.

The program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase mental health and emotional wellness literacy of refugee clients.
  • Increase healthcare providers’ understanding of refugee health needs, so healthcare providers can interact in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner to improve delivery of healthcare services to refugees.
  • Increase refugees’ access to healthcare systems by creating community stakeholder meetings that will establish formalized networks of mental health providers and a statewide referral system.

The initiative will establish a network of trauma informed and culturally competent mental health professionals and referral systems that ensure effective access to mental health services.  This will be achieved by:

  • Train-the-trainer modules for refugee community leaders.
  • Training workshops for mental health and general health professionals.
  • Building linkages between providers, refugees, and the community.