About Project TRUST




USCRI, in partnership with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD), provides targeted training and technical assistance on trauma-informed responses and services to anti-trafficking service providers. NASMHPD has trained thousands of people with their trauma-informed approach curriculum and helped organizations across the country successfully implement service systems. Utilizing our longstanding history and knowledge of working across provider networks, Project TRUST promotes strength-based direct services and engages survivors as essential advisers in the planning and development of our resources. Our training and technical assistance uses a survivor-centered approach—prioritizing the rights, needs and wishes of the survivor—and a trauma-responsive care model. As agencies take concrete steps to become more trauma-responsive, they will be better prepared to meet the needs of survivors and their own staff.



Project TRUST provides the following resources to individuals and organizations:


Online Courses

Conference Presentations


Peer Exchanges and Peer Support

Individualized Technical Assistance

Organizational Consultations

Continuing Education