End Title 42 Now

By USCRI July 28, 2021

Your voice matters. To learn more about Title 42 and why we should end it, click here.

To take action, copy and paste the email template below or amplify our message on social media using the sample Tweets below.

Dear ________________,

I am one of your constituents and I urge you to call on the Biden administration to end the use of Title 42 to expel asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border without allowing them to seek asylum.  Title 42 goes against the United States’ international human rights obligations not to expel people to places where their lives or freedom would be at risk.  As a result of this policy, thousands of asylum seekers have been deported back to danger in their home countries, where they face persecution, political violence, gang violence, extreme poverty, and natural disasters.  These people have the right to seek safety in our country instead of being turned away without the chance to plead their cases.

Ending Title 42 is this country’s obligation as a champion of human rights, and it is also a moral imperative to save the lives of those fleeing danger.  I urge you to stand for human rights and call for an end to the practice NOW.

In addition, the Biden administration must ensure that any policies it puts in place to replace Title 42 uphold migrants’ human rights, respect their dignity, and allow them to seek safety here.  Thank you for your time.



Social Media:

@POTUS I stand with @USCRIdc in calling for an end to Title 42, a policy that has been wrongly used to prevent asylum seekers from asserting their rights and seeking safety in the United States. Respect human rights. #EndTitle42

@POTUS migrants seeking safety should not be returned to places where their lives and freedom are at risk. We must #EndTitle42 NOW and allow people to seek safety within our borders.

People expelled under Title 42 are not given the chance to seek protection and apply for asylum. Applying for asylum is a basic human right. I call on @POTUS to #EndTitle42 NOW!

[Tweet at your Member of Congress] @___ Everyone should have the right to seek safety. Title 42 denies asylum seekers that basic human right. Call on @POTUS to #EndTitle42 NOW!

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