Part 5 of USCRI’s Series: In Search of Safety

By USCRI June 10, 2021

“The decision to migrate is not an easy one and we provide access to the resources to help them reintegrate back into their communities- Connecting them with mental health services, medical care, facilitating and being that support they need.” Gabriela Mena, Program Operation Manager, USCRI.

On the final installment of USCRI’s “In Search of Safety” Facebook Live Series, Vice President AnnaMarie Bena talks to USCRI’s Program Operation Manager, Gabriela Mena,  about USCRI’s Livelihoods Program in El Salvador and share insight about what happens to children who cross the border into the U.S. and are later deported back to their home countries.

The USCRI El Salvador Field Office opened in 2015. In 2016, USCRI, recognizing the need to assist deported Salvadoran teens and young adults in their home country, created the Livelihoods program in El Salvador. The program provides training and employment opportunities to youth who have been repatriated from the United States back to El Salvador, giving them the tools to re-establish their lives. The program focuses on offering alternatives to repeated migration. By providing opportunities for further education and employment, the USCRI Livelihoods program supports youth in rebuilding their lives and contributing to economic development in their home country.

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