Policy Brief: Her Dreams to Achieve: Ensuring Protection and Education for Refugee Girls

By USCRI September 26, 2023

In August and September 2023, USCRI Policy Analyst Victoria Walker travelled to Kenya to visit both Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps with an aim to better understand the experiences of refugee children in the camps and to examine access to education and child protection services within the camps. This week’s Policy and Advocacy report presents some of the key findings from this visit as it relates to the unique challenges faced by refugee girls.

An in-depth policy and advocacy report detailing all findings from the field visits to Dadaab and Kakuma will be published later this year.

As we prepare to mark the International Day of the Girl in October, we hope you are reminded that in order to advocate for bold investment in the full spectrum of girls’ rights, the plight of refugee girls, their needs, their dreams, and their calls for change must be at the forefront of policy and practice.

Click here to read the full Policy & Advocacy Report by USCRI.

For questions, please email policy@uscrimail.org.

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