Staff Profile: Alexandra Castellano

By USCRI July 13, 2023

USCRI is excited to welcome Alexandra Castellano in Resettlement & Placement at UCRI Vermont!

“I’m currently aiding the Resettlement & Placement case managers as they organize and support new arrivals in Vermont. Prior to working at USCRI, I graduated from UVM with a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies. I then worked at a refugee camp in Italy for a few months before returning to Vermont. I’m looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to aid in the lives of families and supporting them with as many resources and as much companionship as possible. Helping the Vermont community grow has proven to me the strength and resilience in kindness and community aid, and I’m hopeful that my work at USCRI will only continue to provide and participate in such things.

Outside of work, I prioritize my outdoor time, so you can find me on walks or hikes trying to identify plants, birds, and other phenomena. I’m also a prolific reader, and I love music, cooking & eating, traveling, and quality time with those closest to me.”

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