Unwanted and Unprotected: Displaced Eritreans Caught by Conflict, Crisis, and Cruelty

By USCRI August 3, 2023

Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers continue to be exposed to horrific human rights violations, such as kidnappings and forced disappearances. They cannot safely return to their home country, which features indefinite mandatory military conscription among other forms of repression. They cannot find safety and security in nearby countries, between targeted violence and harassment by security forces to the threat of forced returns and deportations to Eritrea. They cannot find protection from those tasked to provide it in and around camps established by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

These grave patterns should not be overlooked and must be addressed by host countries and the international community. State authorities and UNHCR must be held accountable for the systematic failures of recent years to protect Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers from forced disappearances, kidnappings, and other breakdowns in protection.
This report provides updates on the situation of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in three host countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. It highlights the vulnerabilities and exposure to human rights violations that these populations face on an ongoing basis and from new sources of insecurity, such as the spiraling conflict gripping Sudan.

To meet the protection needs of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers, the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) recommends neighboring country commitments for protection against non-refoulement, accountability for the forced disappearances of Eritrean refugees, expanded access to asylum in Ethiopia, and increased third-country resettlement, including through U.S. refugee admissions.

Click here to read the full report by USCRI.

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