We save and rebuild lives every day, providing new-life readiness services for the resilient. Our passionate team lights the way, turning tragedy into prosperity.

Community connections

We offer an extensive orientation and provide hands-on experiences to ensure our new neighbors are able to navigate, participate in, and feel a sense of belonging in their new communities.

Links to health care

We help newcomers understand exactly how and where to obtain the professional and compassionate medical and mental health care they need.

The human basics

When we welcome uprooted people into our neighborhoods, we support them to obtain the basic shelter, food, and clothing they need to start their lives.

Rebuilding livelihoods

We guide people through the employment search and job placement process to enable them to quickly earn livable wages and achieve self-sufficiency.

Trusted legal representation

Our knowledgeable and passionate team of paid and volunteer advocates guides people through complex legal situations, helping to properly submit forms and present cases.

Education access

The path to independence begins with access to a solid education. We manage and implement language and job skill development programs for adults and enroll children in school.

Interpreting services

We manage Unite Languages, a national interpreting network that bridges language and cultural barriers for limited-English proficient people. This social enterprise provides a sustainable employment for our clients to financially contribute to their communities.