Serving the uprooted

For over 100 years, we have advanced the rights and lives of those who have lost or left their homes. We believe we have a shared responsibility to clear obstacles and uncover opportunities for people everywhere. So, when lives are uprooted by force or by choice, we fight alongside those on the path to independence.

Unaccompanied Migrating Children
Survivors of Human Trafficking
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Uniting families & protecting children

We unite children with their families and provide a foundation to restore shattered lives. We give children hope through protective legal services, access to education, and a safe place to call home.

Rebuilding livelihoods

We guide resilient people to recover their financial independence. We mentor them to provide value to the economy with education, job training, and employment connections.

Empowering survivors

We help people reclaim the basic human needs and rights to rebuild their lives. We provide safe homes, gainful employment, and the foundation for a future.

Restoring freedom, dignity & independence

We pave the way to equal opportunity to a full and independent life for all. Our global advocacy shines a light on injustices and sets a universal standard for dignity.

100 Years

Unwavering leadership and services for survivors since 1911.

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300,000 lives

Redirecting destinies of the world's most vulnerable people.

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Here for good

Harnessing the strength of our network for maximum impact.

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Providing foundations to rebuild lives

We help people get back on their feet and establish new roots by connecting them to the essentials like jobs, education, and health.

Providing foundations to rebuild lives
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