Support Services for Refugee Medical Assistance

Offering medical screening and/or health benefits is just the beginning. USCRI breaks through language and transportation barriers to ensure refugees and other eligible groups have meaningful access to healthcare services.

Many times, interpreting services are offered by the healthcare provider, local resettlement agency or other community resources. If language services are not available, the client or the case manager may request interpreting services through USCRI. Just complete the Telephonic Interpreter Request Form and send it to

Transportation works the same way. If transportation assistance is not available through community resources, the case manager may request transportation assistance through USCRI. When making requests, please specify whether a wheelchair accessible vehicle is needed. Clients or case managers will need to complete the Transportation Request Form and send it to

All language support and transportation assistance requests should be made at least three days before the appointment date.

For more information about language support and transportation assistance, please contact Ryan Yao at