USCRI Expands Programming in Mexico

By USCRI May 15, 2024

ARLINGTON, VA – The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) is pleased to announce expanded programming and the opening of its regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean in Aguascalientes, Mexico. These programs will focus on refugee resettlement in Mexico combined with higher education and building relationships with local universities and their communities.

The Habesha Project: Complementary Pathways program provides higher education for young refugees from around the world. By mobilizing resources and a network of top universities, the project provides students with a complementary pathway to refugee status and an opportunity to pursue higher education in Mexico. USCRI Mexico is excited to have welcomed the first four students from Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp in March.

The Welcoming Communities program aims to mobilize university students to create more inclusive local communities that welcome refugees and migrants in Mexico through the promotion of youth leadership, refugee-led initiatives, and intercultural dialogue.

“USCRI is thrilled to expand our programming in Mexico,” said USCRI President and CEO Eskinder Negash. “I was able to personally meet with the four students from Kakuma refugee camp who have traveled to Mexico and know that this program will give them and other young refugees from around the world the opportunities they deserve to further their education.”

Adrián Meléndez joins USCRI as the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean and will oversee USCRI’s field offices in El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.

“I’m looking forward to joining the USCRI team and strengthening the work of our offices throughout the Latin American region,” said Meléndez. “We are excited to further coordinate the work of our offices across these countries and address the complex realities that displaced populations face in Latin America.”

USCRI has had an existing presence in Tijuana, Mexico since 2021, with a focus on legal and social services for migrants in the city and nearby shelters. In Central America, USCRI El Salvador and USCRI Honduras provide professional training and employment opportunities to youth who have been repatriated from the United States and other countries to their country of origin, giving them the tools to reestablish their lives through the Livelihoods Program.


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The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), established in 1911, is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit international organization dedicated to addressing the needs and rights of refugees, unaccompanied migrating childrentrafficking survivors, and other immigrants in all 50 states, El SalvadorHonduras, Kenya, and Mexico. USCRI advocates for the rights of refugees and immigrants both nationally and globally, helping to drive humanitarian policies, practices, and laws


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