Reflections from 2016

2016 was a challenging year for refugees and immigrants and for those of us who support them as they strive to establish their new lives and build new futures in America.

NC Art Museum
NC Art Museum

We were heartened by the outpouring of support from unexpected places and people. It seemed that the louder the vitriol and the hate became, the more it was met by stronger individual and community support. This support was manifested in increased donations and more volunteers throughout the USCRI network. Unfortunately, our clients needed to be reassured that they were, indeed, safe in their new homes. We told them that they were witnessing “…democracy in action…” which was not always pretty, not always inspiring, but had always turned out alright for the last 200 years.



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In 2016, we...

Testified Before the Senate

USCRI provided testimony at a Senate hearing on unaccompanied children. (January 2016)

Expanded the USCRI Network

23 Allied Agencies joined the USCRI Network and we announced a new Refugee AmeriCorps program. (June 2016)

Uplifted Refugees’ Stories in Public Campaign

USCRI designed, filmed and launched the Refugees Love America video campaign for Refugee Council USA.

Provided International Leadership on Refugee Issues

USCRI proposed rights-based solutions at the UN Summit and attended the High Level RoundTable on the Central American humanitarian crisis.

Lead Advocacy on Central American Minors

USCRI hosted former Presidents of Central American countries and welcomed the expansion of the program for Central American migrants fleeing violence, one of USCRI’s 6 Solutions. (March 2016)

Launched Livelihoods Program in El Salvador

USCRI in cooperation with the government of El Salvador launched a livelihoods program for repatriated youth. (May 2016)

Provided Solutions on International Refugee Situations

USCRI launched the Forgotten Refugees: Eritrean Children in Northern Ethiopia report with recommendations from our fact finding trip to Ethiopia.

Welcomed First Syrian Refugees

After advocating for Syrian refugee admissions, USCRI welcomed the first refugees in resettlement sites across the country including Rhode Island, Vermont, and Iowa.

Connected with Elected Officials and Recognized Locally for Service

Elected officials including the Mayor of Detroit and Governor of Vermont visited USCRI refugee resettlement work, USCRI Vermont received an honorary degree, USCRI Albany was recognized for its work, and USCRI Detroit received a grant from the Nissan Foundation.

Central American Indigenous Women

New York University Journal of International Law and Politics published: Overlooked and Unprotected: Central American Indigenous Migrant Women in Mexico by Esmeralda Lopez and  Melissa Hastings of USCRI.

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2016 Financials
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