Meet USCRI Vermont’s New Case Manager

By USCRI October 21, 2021

Hello, my name is Georgette Niyokindi, one of USCRI Vermont’s new Case Managers. My role here is multifaceted; when new refugees come from overseas, I am the first person they usually see at the airport. Another aspect of my role is to be in touch with refugees and immigrants once they begin to settle, and see how they’re adjusting to their new environment. I hope to be a social worker one day, which I know is all about working with people. That’s one of the reasons why I was first interested in working with USCRI, because of the great work they do with people. My work is very important to me and others because it helps new arrivals to have hope and answer their questions. I hope to work very hard and help people wherever help might be needed, and learn new experiences every day!

As a refugee myself, I know how big of an impact it makes to be greeted with warmth and a helping hand when first coming to a completely new place. The warmth we were first greeted with by our USCRI case manager many years ago made my family and I feel like Vermont was our home surrounded by good people.

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