Staff Profile: Gracia L. Koyahango

By USCRI March 8, 2023

USCRI is excited to welcome Gracia L. Koyahango as our new Case Aide for USCRI Vermont!

“My main role as Case Aide is to help new arrivals in Vermont adapt to their new communities. I really enjoy this job. Working with USCRI Vermont is a wish come true! I appreciate and enjoy the chance to communicate with people from different countries – it has been great. I love being a part of USCRI’s mission to help my fellow refugees adapt to their new homes and lives more easily. Even though I’m new to this position, I am working very hard and know that my personal experience fits well in this kind of job.


In addition to my new job here at USCRI, I am still learning by taking classes and am expected to complete my studies with flying colors. Growing up in Zambia has played a very big role in working with different people in this job, including the art of discipline. I am trying to bring the skills I learned in Zambia into this beautiful job so that our clients will be more engaged in things that make them thrive.


When I am not working, I enjoy spending most of my time listening to beautiful music and being with my family. With this incredible diversity of experience, I look forward to continuing to bring a positive impact on the lives of our clients at USCRI Vermont.”

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